Animation, Design, Illustration

I was commissioned by Visually Speaking to create double exposure artwork for the NFL for use on their social media accounts and website to promote the announcement of four NFL games to be held in London in 2017, at Wembley Stadium and Twickenham.

The graphics included eight teams, Baltimore Ravens, Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals, and Los Angeles Rams. The images used were of star players, that were double exposed with NFL Stadiums to create a buzz for UK fans to see their American heroes in action.

The artwork was shared on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, by NFL UK, Baltimore Ravens, Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams, to more than 2.3million followers on Instagram, 3.2million followers on Twitter and 2.8million fans on Facebook. In addition to this the NFL has shared the artwork to their 16million fans on Facebook and their 21million followers on Twitter.

Jaguars v Ravens 1500x750

Saints Dolphins 1500x700

Jaguars v Ravens 1500x1500

Vikings v Browns 1080x1920
Cards v Rams 1080x1920
NFL Illustrations

I also create various illustrations promoting the matches and players for the NFL. Below is the illustration I created of Jay Ajayi as he was crowned Miami Dolphins MVP 2016.

The artwork was shared on Twitter and Instagram, by NFL UK and received over 2,000 likes and 400 shares.

NFL Super  Bowl Animation

Animation we created to celebrate the Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, where Tom Brady and Jay Ajayi featured.