F1 2018


Formula 1 2018

Working with Visually Speaking again, we are working on a lot more creative content for Formula One in 2018. Ranging from graphic artwork displaying records and stats, to templates for quotes and breaking news, to templates promoting F1 Fantasy, a game where you pick your drivers and team to try and gain the most points over the course of the season. We also worked with F1 in 2017 which you will find below.

F1 199 Races

F1 Hamilton vs Hamilton Twitter

F1 Team Standings 1920x1080 Editable

F1 Consecutive Points 1920x1080

F1 Quote Square 1
F1 Quote Square 2

F1 Breaking News MER

F1 Social Quote Square 2
F1 Social Quote Square 1

F1 Fantasy Top Point Scorer 1920x1080 Hamilton

F1 Fantasy Top Point Scorer 1920x1080 Vettel

Formula 1 2017

Working with Visually Speaking, I helped create artwork to celebrate two iconic moments of the season, firstly creating artwork to announce Lewis Hamilton as the Four-time World Champion and second was to celebrate Felipe Massa competing in his final home race in Brazil.

Hamilwin alt 1

Massa Brazil